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Around the World in 800 Days. This is our life. It began September 15th, 2007. The destination is just an excuse to make the journey but the itinerary is a result of answering the following:

Why does everyone seem to wait until they get to the magic age of 65 to retire, all the while dreaming of traveling the world once they do? What if you die or never make it to retirement? Would you regret your decisions and procrastination for not experiencing everything you wanted? Do you plan to be active and adventurous when you retire or will you board any convenient bus, cruise ship or guided tour and observe the world through a pane of glass?

We decided to take a different approach…”retire early” and see the world while we are still healthy and able to participate in the activities we enjoy. Climb a mountain. Ski a slope. Hang glide off a cliff. Scuba dive to any possible depth. Speelunk a bat-filled cave. Abseil down a waterfall. Swing across the canopy of a rain forest. Sleep with a native tribe and be accepted as part of the community. Carry our own bags without assistance. Touch the soul of other people and allow them to touch ours. Challenge our skills as we roam the world looking for our next business opportunity and home.

Heather: Professional certified professional photographer and former board member with the PPA (Professional Photographers of America). Heather has photographed virtually all professional sports around the world. She routinely photographs live concerts most recently including The Killers, The Pussycat Dolls, Toby Keith, Barenaked Ladies, Larry The Cable Guy and The Black Eyed Peas. Awards too numerous to list.

Ted: Professional videographer and producer with years of experience covering most topics except war or armed controversies. Specialist and preference in controversIal topics, human interest, light-hearted content or environmental subjects. Featured on NBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, TechTV, ABC, Wired Magazine, Wall Street Journal, etc.

Traveling the world we enjoy the flexibility to choose assignments for a variety of news, television or production outlets as freelancers. This allows us to control our itinerary and accept the assignments that interest us. Please enjoy our content and post comments to tell us what you like! The view from here is always interesting and changing. Your comments can shape the content, look and direction. Participate with us. Suggest topics or stories. Tell us what you want to see.




  1. Sounds like you are living the dream of most everyone – it was great to relate to some of your adventures in New Zealand – to me, that country is God’s best kept secret.
    Be safe and stay as happy as you always are.


  2. Hi guys!

    Greetings from North Carolina. After repeated attempts I pulled out my Yanni’s Greatest Hits CD and popped it in for an early Sunday Morning wake up setting. This time it lasted about five songs before the TV replaced the CD player and the newspaper came out.

    I even got the comment “This is beautiful music”. Later I asked her if she wanted some more as I could purchase additional CD’s. Eventually I had to pull out the jewel case and she couldn’t believe it. I belive her comment was “Oh my God, you Yannied me”.

    Anyway, glad to see the site is up and things have gone so well. I’m afraid to pronouce the back-packing trip’s name. I did fly over Dallas yesterday on the way back from Phoenix today, it’s Boston, Wednesday Grand Rapids, then McAllen, Denver and Cheyenne. Are you sure you don’t need any help with the luggage? We don’t eat much, hardly make a sound and will only speak if spoken too…Hah! If that were only true.


    Jeff Seshun
    Cathleen Bannigan
    Charlotte, NC

  3. Hey Ted and Heather

    Its kate from Decos backpackers!! Hope you guys are safe and well in the life after decos!! Where are you now?? I hope your warmer then what we are right now!! Well have fun (even though you dont need to be told that)!!
    Lots of love kate xxx

  4. Hey guys,

    Its Monique, from Deco Backpackers… yes i know its a bit sus that me and kate are both leaving a response at the same time but thats just us… hehe…

    What are you up to now?? still havin fun i hope… we miss you at Decos everyone thats there now stick to there own little ‘world’ and dont socialise much…

    anyways were off to Dunedin tomorrow morning yay so excited!!

    Hope you guys manage to stop off in Australia before you head through Asia…

    Hope to keep in touch with you guys and find out how your trips going


    we leave for

  5. Hi guys,

    It was so nice to meet you in Queenstown NZ and I will look forward to reading about your wonderful adventures for the next 750 days(!)
    Hope we can stay in touch!


  6. Hola, Ted and Heather! We are so happy to see that you two are having a great time on your around-the-world adventure. Enjoy! Your photography is stunning. We miss seeing you around the cul-de-sac. Saludos, Tomas and Lisa

  7. Hi Ted and Heather,

    Rebecka told me about your journey.
    To you know that New Zealand is my favorite
    I’m jealous now!!
    Visit me when your trip leads you to Germany.
    Wehre are you going next?
    Have fun guys.
    Verena from good “cold” Germany

  8. Dear T & H

    Are there any banking positions in New Zealand?
    I just changed banks
    Please, call at my cell if you need me.

    I am glad to see that you are having a blast. I know it is a tough job but somebody has to do it!

    Love from BIG D

  9. Heather and Tedly,

    Hello from Dallas… gasp!! Thx for the CD ya’ll sent home.

    The holidays are here and it just is not the same without you two. We have wine to share but no great adventures, only memories which we hold dear to our hearts. Hope the compass and t-back thong are serving you well this holiday season.

    Life is a a journey and I am happy that you are enjoying the ride. Only tears of joy for you guys.

    Love you very much,

  10. Hi Ted and Heather from Dallas!

    We are getting ready to have our 3rd annual TR/CR holiday thing and you two will be missed! But it looks like you are having a GREAT time. I agree with one of the earlier responses – more pictures!! It is wonderful to see you two living, working, enjoying, experiencing!! Keep it up and thanks for the updates!

    Have a wonderful holiday!


  11. Heather,
    Enjoy your paradise! And have a very Merry Christmas!

  12. hey guys its monique again… from Decos… how are you guys??

    me and kate are back home now and sad to have finished our holiday…we are back at work now and its definately not as fun as the adventures we have just had.

    where abouts are you guys in your travels… i love reading your blogs…sounds like you had great fun in dunedin!! i would have loved to see the penguins and sealions what an awesome experience!!

    Great photos Heather, i would love to have done photography!! your photo shoot with the sealion was bloody excellent.

    Drunken jenga sounds like a lot of fun!! i could imagine you two doin it… as for the hot tub… haha!!

    and Ted… in your queenstown thrills… well done on mentioning the canyon swing. hehe

    anyways guys my email address is Hi5_4_life_023@hotmail.com
    i would really like to find out how you guys are soif you get a chance on your busy holiday could you please just send a quick email to check in…

    love always monique xxxx

  13. Hello Heather & Ted,

    I am so glad to hear that you two are doing so well. What an amazing thing that you are living out. I am so excited for both of you. I pray that you remain safe and enjoy every bit of every day.

    I love your story about, why wait till your 65? That is wonderful. I look forward to keeping up with ya’ll. Take care and please use my home email. I have not been able to reach you because of our spam filter at work and luckily this one came through.

    Have a fabulous time!



  14. Heather and Ted,

    I was just thinking of all the fun you all are having while I am slaving over my engineering keyboard. Good luck with all your travels, may God keep you safe, and have the times of your lives.

    Tim Ostermeyer

  15. Having taken a similar approach to my own career, I can tell you it’s absolutely worthwhile. I might have made a bit more money had I stayed put, but really living life is worth more than a slightly higher paycheck.

    I hope you have a brilliant time pursuing your dream.

  16. You may remember my husband, Chris, who works at Forbeyon… anyways, we went to your going away party and all of a suden tonight I remembered JUMP A MONKEY so i came to your site. Man, seems like the good life!!! I hope that you all have the time of your lives, live it up, & eat it up, all while staying bug bite free 🙂

    I have bookmarked your page and look forward to frequent updates.. oh and i LOVE all the pictures 🙂 take are.

  17. Hi Guys,
    Thought we’d drop you a line to say cool blog! Really enjoyed reading ablut your adventures!

    we only have a little time left now and are trying to cram in as much as possible.

    Keep having fun

    Kym & Jon (from Penang)

  18. Hey guys,
    It’s Fabian and Melissa from Melaka. Great blog, love what you guys are doing, wish we could do the same, any tip? Glad you guys made it to Batu Caves. Cheers..

  19. Ted and Heather-Joe and I just watned to drop you guys a note to tell you we miss you both and hope you are donig well! We have been looking back at wedding pics and thining of last year and what great memories you all gave to us with such amazing pics. Take care and please be in touch when you all come back. We just moved to a new house and things are going great for us. Talk to you soon and best wishes!

    Adine and Joe Zornow

  20. Hey Heather – how are you doing? Are you guys going to be able to resume your travels? I hope you’re okay – I check your website from time to time to see if it’s updated. Take care, Carrie

  21. I love your site. Keep it up !

  22. Hey Fellow TEXANS !!! Janie and Mark here…we enjoyed meeting you and having dinner with ya’ll in Luang Prabang. Keep is posted on where you are !!!! We go home on April 8th. 😦

  23. Hey Heather, this is Renee from BNI and you did my sister wedding (one of your last jobs). You remember that don’t you? Haha. Looks like you guys are having a great time. I believe I found you on Face book, but couldn’t tell from the picture. I think I can tell now. Anyway, you are taking awesome pictures keep it up and hope to hear from you sometime. 🙂

    • Hey girl! I just got back to Bangkok from Myanmar. We haven’t had internet access in a month. Of course I remember you! We are having an awesome time. Keep up with our blog. We should be posting more stories soon.

  24. Hey guys! Love to read your blog and look at those incredible pics!!!! I had the privilege of meeting both of you on my birthday while you were in Plano, TX. I’m glad that you are continuing on your trip. Please take care and live the dream!!!

  25. Hey Heather and Ted. I hope you are getting on well over there. Where are you staying now? Can you remember me ? I live at Prabath tai temple Luang prabang lao P D R.
    Now I’m still dtudying English at the Mano English language centrer. I wish you enjoy on your trip.
    Best wishes.

    • Of course we remember you. We sent you a postcard from Myanmar, but it may be a while before you receive it. We are now in Jordan and will be going to Turkey next.

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