Posted by: Heather | May 16, 2008

Trannies and Tales of the Sea

Old, fat British men walk around like kings of their own domain with “pay by the day” 75 pound 5 foot tall mini things (Thai women) in tow carrying shopping bags full of new clothes purchased by “Big Daddy Spender”. The “lady girls” (a.k.a. transvestites, katoey) of Thailand are dancing on stage in the street long bar after bar areas and putting on private cabaret shows in private theaters. Massage parlors are on every corner. Welcome to Pattaya beach in Thailand.

Our friends Amanda and Lance came to visit us for a week in Thailand. We hit this famous beach area, the shows and the nightlife for more people watching than anything, but we did get a glance at some of the “girls”. Watching the “free” show and sipping our $10 a piece beers, one of the girls took a particular liking to Ted during the show…the ugliest one of course. Ok, so it was a guy dressed as a girl, but it was still funny.

The whole group got into the action after the show. These, by the way, are guys that are now girls.

Post trannies, we all hit the high seas for 5 days on a scuba diving live-a-board in the Similan Islands way off the coast of Thailand.

Ted spent most of his time below in the cabin with food poisoning he got from eating strawberries on the beach the day before we left. This is a picture of him eating his first meal on Day 3. Everyone say, “Poor Ted.”

When he did feel better, Amanda, our resident scuba instructor, certified Ted for Nitrox diving.

Nitrox air allows scuba divers to go deeper for longer periods of time. Ted’s now ready to dive to the bottom of the ocean, or so he thinks. PADI will stop him.

Ted, always the daring diver, got up and close to a poisonous fish, a lion fish while diving

and almost got bit by the most poisonous snake known to man, a banded sea snake. Thanks to our scuba instructor for the image below.

His excitement is overwhelming though and you can’t blame his curiosity. I’m just glad he’s still here.


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