Posted by: Ted | May 16, 2008

jumpAmonkey in Texas for the Summer

There are always reasons why some things just happen and this week, we truly are both thankful to be in Texas. Someone is looking out for us both.

Were we not in Texas for the last 6 weeks waiting for Heather’s surgery and recovery, we would have either been Myanmar (Burma) where the cyclone hit or in China where the earthquake hit. Those were the two places we were choosing between to go to next on the next phase of our trip. We were disappointed to be “stuck” in Texas for a while, but now we believe it was meant to be. Spending more time with our best friends and family is so much better than risking our lives, don’t you think?

We just found out this week that Heather is going to need to have a more invasive and second surgery done on June 17th to remove more “bad cells” so we are resolving to be in the U.S. until sometime in August. This next surgery requires more time for recovery and checkups. Thank you for all of your kind words and cards that you have sent her. We are very thankful for the care she is receiving and that the doctors can take care of things now before it’s too late.

In the meantime, we are “home” enjoying the summer. Here’s a picture of the two of us together at the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival. Those of you who know what kind of beer we prefer will find this picture funny.

What are our plans you ask? We have rented a Jeep Liberty for a few months and are hitting the road jumpAmonkey style to see some places we’ve always wanted to go while we’re waiting…West Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. While we’re on our trip, we hope to post more exciting travel stories that we haven’t had time to post- this time about Vietnam and Cambodia (and the crowd cheers—-Yeah!). Keep checking back for more.



  1. Hey guys just got back from our trip and thought I would check in and see how things were going in the caverns, if yall are there yet. Hope to see some more things posted soon, have fun in vegas once you get there. later. MG

  2. and…. Las Vegas. Three cheers for the Bellagio Pool!

  3. Hi Heather and Ted,
    I hope everything comes out fine.
    Enjoy life that is my motto too.
    I am on my way to Kerrville…yahhhooooo.
    Take care!
    Warmest wishes,

  4. Praying that you are recovering quickly from your procedure, Heather. Hope all is well with you and Ted. Kids ask about ya’ll alot!!!

  5. Hey, Heather and Ted!
    Been thinking about you this week. My best friend’s wedding was Friday. Bobby and I were thinking of how much fun we had at our wedding with Heather. Hope you are doing okay. We have enjoyed reading about your worldly adventures and wished we could tag along.

    Best wishes,
    Susan and Bobby Alipour

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