Posted by: Ted | April 25, 2008

Where Are Heather and Ted???

Thank you to those who have noticed that we have not posted to our blog recently and are wondering, “Where the Heck Are You Now?”  We are actually both back in the DFW area for a few weeks.  Heather originally came home alone for two weeks to see her new nephew, her sister’s first child.  While she was home, she went in for some routine medical tests.  Two days before her return, the doctor called and said she needed to stay in town for a few weeks for some more tests and a biopsy.  I flew back immediately. Heather is scheduled for surgery on April 28th.  Pending positive news from the biopsy, we should be back to our travels by mid-May.  We don’t know where we’ll be going next but please post your comments and updates so we can stay in touch with everyone.  The adventure WILL continue!



  1. I hope you’ll post about your “amazing” weekend in Little Rock, you rock stars! It was great seeing you both and I wish I had more time just to hang out and solve the world’s problems with you. We’ll be in touch. Thoughts and prayers are with you both this week. Love, Mandy

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with our favorite, sassy photographer! Keep the blog going!!! Justin and I have loved following you around the world (at least half of it).

  3. Hi there,

    I have missed your posts but thought it was because you were somewhere remote!

    Hope all goes well with Heather’s surgery and look forward to you continuing your travels.

    All the best

    GI Joe x

  4. Hello Heather and Ted!!!!!

    Rose and I (Kampot, Cambodia) have been trying to find this site for ages… we tried all sorts of names with monkey in it! but alas!!

    How are you guys? Hope Heather is well and her operation goes smoothly.

    Keep in touch – look us up on facebook!

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best.

    Rose and Murat xx

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