Posted by: Heather | February 25, 2008

A Month in Ao Nang

Ao Nang (Krabi), Thailand

During a one-week visit to Ao Nang, Thailand, about two hours south of Phuket, we fell in love with the limestone rocks jetting out of the water,



the scuba diving opportunities on the nearby Phi Phi islands and the possibility of buying land and starting a new business venture. We rented an apartment for a month to do our due diligence. Our prospects failed after further researching costs and talking to the locals (you are doomed to fail unless you marry local), but we did enjoy our time in the small, beach-side town.   We even rented our own moped for the month.  That was an adventure in itself (great story to come).


Eating dinner while watching the sun set (yes, that’s a whole fish)


and visiting our friends at Scuba Addicts every night while they puffed on cigarettes, drank beer and recalled the day’s diving adventures became our routine for a while.  We really dug in to the place.




  1. Great pics of Ao Nang and Stu boy at scuba addicts.

    I had a great time with them too.

    Any one in the area should look them up!

  2. Hi Ted & Heather

    I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you in Ao Nang but at least you had the sense to conduct some thorough research before leaping into something. Most people are just so desperate to stay in paradise that they take gambles that they wouldn’t normally take.
    Glad you enjoyed your diving with Scuba Addicts, please tell as many people as you can about us & if you swing by this this way again, then please look us up.
    Good luck with everything and please keep in touch.

    Stuart and team Scuba-addicts.

  3. If you plan to scuba dive in Ao Nang, Thailand then we cannot recommend Scuba Addicts enough. The bigger shops just push dozens of people through each day and you will feel like a number on their list. Scuba Addicts is a smaller shop and you get more personal attention. Best of all, they are directly on the beach where the boat picks you up. Enjoy the 2 hour trip to Phi Phi islands, dive all day, have a hot lunch of really tasty Thai cuisine, fresh fruit and sodas, then enjoy the 2 hour return as the sun sets. It’s the perfect day.

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