Posted by: Heather | February 23, 2008

The Monkey Prostitutes

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To add to the list of firsts, Ted took his first public bus ride to visit the Batu Caves in KL. He was quite enthused about the whole thing when I told him that the money we saved by taking the local bus instead of a taxi would buy us dinner.


It was a mile walk to the bus stop and a 45 minute ride away. I knew the real trick was going to be convincing him to wait 30 minutes for a bus later in the heat of the day to come back.


We decided to film a feature piece on the food-driven monkeys outside the Batu caves infamous for stealing their supper.


The minute you start climbing the 272 steps to the top to reach the caves, the monkey prostitutes start soliciting you and your pockets aggressively for food.


You’ll have to see the video Ted filmed to truly understand how clever these little hustlers are….yet they look so innocent.



Here’s what you really want to see….the video.






  1. Ancient religious sites are cool and all, but where are the golf courses over there?

  2. out of alll the stuff I just saw… i just have one kinda strange question: Is there a lot of monkey poop up and down those stairs?

  3. That was absolutely amazing! What a peaceful place to meditate. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Ya’ll look great!
    Miss ya~ Jeannine & Tory

  4. Awesome job– looking forward to more videos like these. Y’all are a great team!! XO, -M

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