Posted by: Heather | February 21, 2008

Fred Flintstone and the Night Market

Right in the heart of Chinatown, in the midst of the ancient city of Malacca, Malaysia, you’re far enough away from the smog of the main streets in the city, but close enough to the action. Gaudy, plastic-flowered ghetto lighted street carts with booming stereos carry passengers from point to point. The highlight of the busy weekend activities is the night market running adjacent to our hotel. From the window of our sleek Number Twenty Guest House we had a full view of the street packed with vendors selling everything


from candied sweets that are broken apart with chisels, chocolate-dipped fruit, homemade popsicles, flip-flops, cheap belts and jewelry and our favorite vendor item of the night… dim sum. Steaming baskets of dim sum full of various ingredients were offered 6 for $1.00 on a borrowed plate. Ted practically ate his dinner off these tasty treats.

Completing a leisurely dinner at a local food stall, we were entertained by the public karaoke on the permanently installed stage sponsored by local companies.


I don’t think we appreciate the entertainment value of karaoke enough in America. Older adults belting horrible off-tune notes is better than watching dueling pianos in a piano bar. You’ll get a kick out of this restaurant’s name….


Note: We were afraid to take my camera outside the hotel so the above pictures were on our little digital point-and-shoot. Don’t think my work is slacking….. 🙂

The following day, we opted for a simple solution to fulfill our transportation needs. Local buses run on no set time schedule, so we opted for the “driver for the day” plan. For $30 a day, you can hire a driver to take you to the local tourist traps- the wildlife park, the botanic gardens and the zoo.  Little did we know that our 72-year-old taxi driver (who’s been driving a taxi for 50+ years) was in the same taxi that he had bought for his business in 1982. Only when we chugged up the hills as car after car honked to pass did we realize that our 20-minute drive to the sights was now going to take over an hour to reach. You wanted to just stick your legs out of the car and Fred-Flintstone it to keep it going, but the driver had so much patience, you had to just sit back and laugh at the situation….and start a new book.

We did make it there.  I had a field day with my camera.  I’ll spare you all the wildlife pictures I took, but this two are funny. Can you guess what this ostrich was thinking other than the fact that it’s time for a bath?


I caught Ted in action trying to appeal to the ostrich’s curious nature.  He was trying to kiss Ted.


Here’s another one I’d like to title “That’s What Friends are For”….




  1. I was in Malacca only last year… did not spot that restaurant! Great food everywhere though, I had a blast…but the public karaoke was simply terrible to witness!! we should all write in a complaint to the town council!

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