Posted by: Heather | January 28, 2008

A Mini Vacation from our Vacation

Imagine traveling around America for 3 months straight. Some nights you have your own toilet and shower attached to your room (but not quite as nice as a Motel 6). Some nights the shower is over the toilet. Other nights you share a dirty toilet and a bathroom down the hall with other guests. You get excited if bath towels and linens are provided. You’re even more excited if you can’t feel the individual springs on the mattress or just the opposite roll down into the middle of the bed together. You eat every single meal out. There’s no refrigerator or kitchen to cook in. Every three nights you move to a new city- the equivalent of 3 nights in Dallas, then 3 nights in Houston, and 3 nights in San Antonio. Add transportation into the mix- you don’t have a car so you must take the bus, fly and take a taxi or share a ride in a van with 12 other people for 3-4 hours. Once you arrive in a city you must figure out what you want to do in the short time you’re there and how to get there (if you can afford it) and pray the locals don’t rip you off. Add a few hours a day in for internet research on where to go next and updating your blog, downloading pictures and video. If you slow down, you know you’ll never make it to all the places you want to see around the world. Welcome to our lives.

Repeat over and over and you’d see why we took advantage of the fact that almost all the hotels in Singapore were booked so (thanks to a last minute deal on Orbitz) elected the Banyan Tree Bintan in Indonesia for a few days to take a vacation from our vacation. We never left the resort and hardly left the room since it rained the entire time we were there. We didn’t care.

We had our own villa…like a little house.


Here’s a picture of OUR porch. It was private and complete with deck chairs for sunning (although we didn’t see any sun).


We took advantage of the jacuzzi on the porch. It’s fun when you don’t have to share it…even in the rain.


Here’s a picture of my handsome man by the window.


And then there’s the 2nd honeymoon suite. Those are bananas to dip in cocoa on the table. Yum!


We won’t bore you with the pictures of the sitting area or the enormous bathroom, but this place was such a treat that we had to write about it. Ted didn’t know that he had chosen a place that had meaning to me when he booked it.

When I was working in Singapore back in 2001-2202, I picked up a brochure for the Banyan Tree Maldives. I made it goal to go there someday. Based on the photographs of the resort, I was the most beautiful resort I had EVER seen. So we haven’t made it to the Maldives yet, but we did make it to Indonesia to one of the Banyan Tree Resorts..where check-in is a welcoming “personalized process” complete with cold towels and ginger tea. Guests aren’t expected to walk nor lift a finger. You are driven around on golf carts to yoga classes, one of many restaurants on the property, the infinity pools or to the open aired front lobby.

To take full advantage of the resort, you have to spend a day at the spa (one of the Top 20 in the world) or have a private dinner in one of three locations the hotel arranges….a candle-lit gazebo built out in the middle of the infinity pool (no joke), in between the big boulders that form a small jetty around the beach, or the 14th hole on the nearby golf course. Just take a look at the slideshow here to see what I mean. No matter how much I wanted to try all of these things, we just couldn’t.



  1. what a great spot to vacation in!
    Hope you guys are doing well.
    The southwest convention is going to be going on friday til wednesday. All the fuss and rushing is going on to get prints ready etc…fun stuff.
    I think about your pics you are able to get and think you guys are going to have some great books to make.
    I hope you all are safe and well.

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