Posted by: Ted | January 21, 2008

Raining Mangos

Port Douglas, Australia November 25- November 27, 2007

Our conclusion to Tropical Queensland was spent around the Cape Tribulation area located in the northeastern most area of Australia “Where the Rainforest meets the Reef”.


Heather finished her first book in years and now she can’t stop picking up new ones fast enough. Fiona’s wallet was lost or stolen with all her money so we were happy to adopt her and she fell into travels with us for a while.

It is comical when the baggage takes up more space than the passengers in a tiny Mazda 121 hatchback but that was half the fun as we headed north to Dougies in Port Douglas. This is a terrific hostel/guesthouse accommodation with fun people, a nice pool and very comfortable rooms. You need a Hazmat suit to get into the disgusting showers and a gas mask to filter out all the cigarette smoke in the common areas, but beyond this and the young party crowd, it was ok.

Every night we would hear an occasional “crash” on the tin roof thinking someone was throwing rocks or coconuts on the roof as they returned from the onsite club around 2am. We eventually learned these were mangos falling off trees that blanket the site, knocked loose by bats. On the last night the wind kicked up a little and it literally rained mangos all night. Imagine sleeping under a tin roof while softballs are thrown at it all night. Next morning there were hundreds of fresh mangoes laying around the grounds for the taking. Wish I liked mango.


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