Posted by: Ted | December 22, 2007

Missy Higgins and the Anti-Press Agent

Kuranda, Australia November 16, 2007

Missy Higgins definitely needs new representation. Through a series of odd events, we found ourselves backstage at the Missy Higgins tour launch kicking off at the Kuranda Amphitheater outside Cairns. This was the opening show to debut a national tour around Australia and New Zealand. There was a lot of “street buzz” about the singer but nothing substantial in terms of market promotion or hype. We smelled an opportunity to break a new story in the U.S. ahead of any momentum that might be building. Missy Higgins is an Australian singer with a strong local fan base and hopes of breaking worldwide. Interested in pursuing the story, we spent the day discussing specifics about covering the event and detailing similar work we had done in the past. Her press agent was on holiday so much of the process was conducted by cell phone calls back and forth as she “negotiated” the terms under which she would allow Missy to be photographed; who would get rights to the photos, under what terms they could be used and so forth. Press and photo passes finally approved and in hand, we spent half the day prepping equipment, scouting the venue and getting ready for the concert. We were all set to shoot the event but a last minute call from Missy’s press agent killed our coverage solely because “she couldn’t get a photo release form sent to the stage area” for us to sign.


We were polite on the phone to her but found this hilarious. A professional press agent who can’t get a photo release form executed to have her client photographed for international publicity?! Funny but the people representing Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, The Killers, Pussycat Dolls, Lonestar and Toby Keith never had this problem with us. Of course, they never asked for a contract either. They just handed over credentials and said “thanks” for the interest. The real slap in our face was the tour manager actually having to ask for his backstage credentials back “at her direction” he explained. You could see that he was embarrassed but was just following orders. Our guess is that Missy Higgins needs better representation and will remain in Australia for a while.



  1. Higgins was a who? (dr.suess reference)

    I started out in the photography business working for the record companies…I KNOW your pain.
    The problem for most up and coming artists is not the talent or record deals it is the PUBLICITY AGENT.
    Some “newbie agents” do not know the etiquette of “you scratch my back and I will make sure you get FREE..did i say FREE publicity from anyone who sees my images online…DID I SAY FREE publicity? OH yea I did.”

    You both are doing what you need to do and enjoying the ride…I am so happy for your willingness to at least TRY…You guys make me proud.
    HUGS and I miss your smiling faces.

  2. Just read in the Sunday paper 12/30/07 (Parade magazine, I think) that Missy Higgins is starting a US tour in February. It was in the question section at the beginning of the paper. The questioner said they had a friend from Oz who said that Missy Higgins was huge there and wondered when she’s be touring the US.

    Miss you guys. Am enjoying your blog!

    TED replied- She is supposedly scheduled for a handful of free appearances at book stores in several cities.

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