Posted by: Ted | December 22, 2007

Ecotourism Near the Great Barrier Reef

Miriwinni and Mungalli Falls, Australia November 19, 2007

Tropical Queensland comprises a small area in the northeastern edge of Australia. It offers stable, tropical temperatures with mountainous rainforests bordered by beautiful beaches and a thousand miles of Great Barrier Reef just offshore. If that isn’t enough to keep you entertained, you can get to the edge of the true Australian outback in about one day’s drive. We decided to circle the region and taste everything this wonderland has to offer up.

After the Missy Higgins’ incident in Kuranda we pack up and head south to begin our adventure in Miriwinni. Rolling into this tiny town we were immediately welcomed like family at the only Pub/Beer Store/Guesthouse/Restaurant in town. Within ten minutes we were checked in, unloaded and parked at the bar getting acquainted with the locals. This was such a chilled atmosphere that we stayed for a couple of nights and enjoyed lots of cold “pots” (About 10oz beers in tiny frosted mugs because the large ones get warm too quickly) with home made roast while a traveling Irish musician entertained us with Celtic music.

We spend one day checking out more waterfalls in the area and are fascinated by how many spiders we see- BIG ONES!


I make sure to grab a photo of Heather at the bottom of the falls, since it seems she’s always taking pictures of me.


We found these long jungle vines hanging down on one of the trails and I just “had” to swing like Tarzan.



Continuing onward, we roll into Mungalli Falls. Tourists stop here to see the falls, but it turns out you can stay there too!


This is an educational facility catering to Japanese and European high school kids that combines eco-tourism with eco-educational programs, team building obstacle courses and some holiday time. With a little luck we score a nice en-suite double room IN the rainforest for one night before the next group is due to arrive. Bonus: Free Wi-Fi.

I have fun poking at one of the signs in front of the upper end of the falls where the kids tend to be tempted to climb on the rocks. It’s OK for adults though, right?


Heather and I attempt to take our own portrait in between the rain showers. We use two oranges in a plastic bag for a tripod since no one else was around to take the photograph.


Nearby a “boutique dairy farm”, Mungalli Creek Dairy, offers gourmet selections of home made cheeses. We stop in for a tasting a come away with a great selection to complement dinner for only about $5USD. Despite the rain we enjoy the rainforest, get lots of pictures around some of the falls and hike down to the basin after dark to see the glow worms. Emails synchronized, it’s time to get to the outback.



  1. Hi Guys!
    You both look so happy and healthy! I am so sorry that I have not emailed sooner I did not know that I could. Justin has been keeping you all to himself! Love and miss you both! Ari

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