Posted by: Ted | October 30, 2007

Nelson Arts Festival

Nelson, New Zealand October 12-14, 2007

Zipping across the ferry two days later we arrive in the “sunshine capital” Nelson, located on the northern tip of New Zealand’s south island just in time for the annual Nelson Arts Festival. Hesitantly we pull up to our hostel named “The Bug” and are shocked to find that not only is it a cool place, (The “Bug” as in VW Beetles, not insects) but Heather has done it again and we’re in the largest, private room in the hostel with a nice private bath for about $39 per night. Unfortunately, if there’s one thing we’re really good at doing, it’s finding rain or bringing it with us. Even in the “sunshine capital” where it is supposedly sunny about 300 days a year, we managed to see mostly rain for the whole stay. Nonetheless, the festival organizers provided All Access credentials for the Arts Festival and we set out to cover the highlights. My favorite, flown all the way from New Caledonia, was a group called Celenod, headlining two nights to perform native Kanack music for the crowd.


It’s a beautiful cross between Reggae and Calypso with a Bob Marley kind of happy groove. Here’s a little taste of the music.


By contrast, Heather’s favorite had to be the World of Wearable Art Museum. The museum showcases the most incredible costumes from past years’ competition at the Wearable Arts Festival. All of the costumes are made out of everyday things like ties, bullets, paper and other random things. Here’s a picture of a costume made out of shoulder pads.


We wish we had more pictures, but photography wasn’t allowed. We spent the afternoon touring the museum, which includes dozens of dozens of vintage cars from around 1910 to 1960 and a random display with the original ring that was created by a New Zealand jeweler for the movie, “The Lord of the Rings.”




  1. Yes, that band was pretty fun, wasn’t it! I’m glad to have met you wonderful travelers and I’m getting lot’s of great travel tips from your blog. Kudos to you Heather for your great hostel picking skills!

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