Posted by: Ted | October 28, 2007

Taupo, New Zealand

Taupo, New Zealand October 7-9, 2007

The last couple of weeks have gone by so quickly that they only feel like a couple of days. We made a quick u-turn north back to Taupo and spent a wonderful evening with Beth from the Funky Green Voyager and to meet her boyfriend Brad who is a skydiving instructor and guide. Despite the cold weather there’s nothing quite like a cool pub with a warm fireplace and great new friends to toss back cocktails. Checking into the Rainbow Lodge Hostel felt almost as good as the Funky Green and by the time we sparked up the BBQ, we were already meeting new people.

The next day, I had to laugh. We stopped for “fish and chips” and Heather brought in her bottle of Heinz ketchup. In most cafés that serve fish and French fries, you have to pay $.40-$.50 for each packet of ketchup. The idea makes Heather go crazy. What do you know; this was the first place that actually had ketchup on the tables? Heather generously poured ketchup all over the plate. Half of the bottle was gone by the time we left the restaurant.


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