Posted by: Heather | September 26, 2007

Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride

Las Vegas, Nevada September 7, 2007- September 10, 2007

Ted loves helicopters…almost to the point of being obnoxious. Given a bigger budget, we’d be seeing the world from a helicopter instead of by land. Since Ted and I met, which was well over four years ago, I can remember him telling me “I had to go” on the same helicopter he did through the Grand Canyon some day. On our way to LA, our gateway to Auckland, New Zealand, we stopped in Las Vegas solely to go on this amazing helicopter tour. The tour flew out of the Vegas airport, weaved through the Grand Canyon walls and landed down on the bottom of it. It’s hard to explain in words how beautiful it was, so check out Ted’s video to see (will be posted in a few days).

Here’s a photograph I took of Ted from the bottom of the Grand Canyon. What’s up?



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